The Quest and the Quarry
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The Quest and the Quarry by Gordon Hutchinson

Robert Ruark can rest easy.
A new tale has been told to take up where The Old Man and the Boy left off. Gordon Hutchinson has written a story of growing up steeped in he traditions of the hunt.

The boy and Pa in Hutchinson's new classic The Quest and the Quarry follow in the footsteps of Ruark's grandfather and boy in his timeless tales of a young man growing up and learning life's lessons as he is mentored in the practices of the hunt.Hutchinson follows several generations of a Mississippi family through the classic method of a troubador - a tale-teller who describes the story as it evolves. His characters will resonate with anyone who ever was taught life's lessons with love and a gentle touch by a wise grandparent.

Everyone, hunter or not, will be enraptured by these beautiful vignettes on growing up in a farming family, pursuing trophy bucks, and learning the lessons of leading a good, character-driven life, taught by the wise old man and the ways of the hunt.   FREE SHIPPING UNTIL CHRISTMAS

The Quest and the Quarry
"This is a hunting story in the tradition of Hemingway, Ruark and all the greats, and that's a dying genre. In this era of how-to, where-to, you don't see this kind of writing anymore. The story is authentic, and it's also irresistible."
— Bryan Hendricks, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette

"While reading Gordon Hutchinson's book, readers of my generation will recall the outdoor writing of their youth, when Outdoor Life carried Jack O' Connor, when Sports Afield carried Gene Hill and Russel Annabel. Those writers took you along with them."
— Humberto Fontova, best-selling author of The Helldiver's Rodeo and Fidel; Hollywood's Favorite Tyrant

"Southern gentility and charm are evaporating from our culture like dew in the glare of a rising sun. In The Quest and the Quarry, Gordon Hutchinson takes southerners back to their recent past, when family bonds always overcame the cruel whims of nature. Through the lens of a deer-hunting family, Hutchinson tells the tale of coming of age in the South."
— Todd Masson, Louisiana Sportsman magazine

“Gordon Hutchinson does what few authors can: take you back to a specific memory, an exact place, a moment in time and help you relive it again with the vividness of when it occurred. The clasp on a shoulder from an adult signifying a job well done, laughter and a rough joke in deer camp after supper, the growing up of boys to men in rituals handed down through generations. Thank you, Gordon, for taking me to the Delta with your family and to my own beginnings of deer hunting with my father all those years ago.”
— Alan Clemons, The Huntsville (Ala.) Times

“His descriptions of the behaviors of deer and horses are as good as James Herriot’s animal tales. Non-hunting readers will be surprised by the
sympathy and respect the animals receive in Hutchinson’s stories. Hunters
— Greg Langley, The (Baton Rouge) Advocate

“I usually read the introduction and epilogue and a chapter or two of most
books I receive to get the feel for the book. That didn't happen with The
Quest and the Quarry. I couldn't put it down until I finished the entire
book; it was that good.”
— Glynn Harris, Ruston (La.) Daily Leader

  This is a must-read for anyone who has taken to the woods, rifle in hand and hope in heart, eyes scanning for spectral movements from the white-tailed ghosts of the forest. At $19.95, it makes the perfect gift for the hunter in your life.  

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